Recently published papers supported by AIthena project

In ”Library” section you find, next to AIthena communication materials and public deliverables, recently published papers that have been developed with the support of AIthena project:

”An Evaluation of Time-triggered Scheduling in the Linux Kernel”

Authors: Paraskevas Karachatzis, Jan Ruh, Silviu S. Craciunas (TTTech Computertechnik AG, Vienna, Austria)

Link to publication.

”Digital twin for synthetic data generation – application for automated driving systems”

Authors: Hassan Hotait (HAN – University of Applied Sciences), Alexandru Forrai (Siemens Industry Software Netherlands B.V.)

Link to publication (it will be publicly available in March 2024 – TBC).

”Runtime Safety Assurance of Autonomous Vehicles”

Authors: A. Forrai (Siemens Industry Software Netherlands B.V.), V. Neelgundmath, K.K. Unni, I. Barosan (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Link to publication.

”Explainable Multi-Camera 3D Object Detection with Transformer-Based Saliency Maps”

Authors: Till Beemelmanns, Wassim Zahr, Lutz Eckstein (RWTH Aachen University)

Link to publication.

”Trustworthiness Assurance Assessment for High-Risk AI-Based Systems”

Authors: Georg Stettinger (Infineon Technologies AG); Patrick Weissensteiner (Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH); Siddartha Khastgir (International Manufacturing Centre, The University of Warwick)

Link to publication.