Use Case 2 workshop in Vienna and #TAMainEvent

A hybrid AIthena Use Case 2 Demonstrator 2 “Robust Prediction modules for Robo-taxi in urban environment” Workshop took place at TTTech Auto, in Vienna and online on 13 September. Virtual Vehicle representatives were leading this workshop, aligning with project partners from Infineon, TTTech Auto, Siemens and Continental about the demonstrator status, integration, and validation methodology. Supporting the demonstrator deployment, TTTech gave training on Time-Triggered scheduling and containerization approaches for safety-critical systems. All partners are currently working on their modules to be integrated, and some more updates will follow at the beginning of next year.

The following day (14 September), the AIthena partners could celebrate the achievements and present AIthena project at The Automonous Main Event in the Spotlight Session “Autonomous Driving and future mobility trends in R&D” hosted by TTTech.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the frontier of autonomous driving!

Abstract of the Spotlight session:

This workshop focused on the rapidly evolving fields of autonomous driving and future mobility technologies. It aimed to address key challenges such as precise localization, sensor integration, intelligent decision-making, and distributed collaborative intelligence. The workshop aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among experts, researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to explore innovations and opportunities in this domain.

Photo credit @ TTTech

TTTech Newsroom “On the road to autonomous mobility, Europe pleases a focus on collaboration” – summary of the spotlight session, and presentations available.